Periaxan dog 5 sachets


Periaxan dog is a complementary feed intended as a dietary supplement for dogs especially for: animals prone to problems with the emptying and secretory functions of the perianal glands, animals requiring faeces thickening and for the adsorption of toxins in the gastro-intestinal tract.



Composition of Periaxan dog

Periaxan dog contains hygroscopic ingredients with the ability to thicken faecal matter, which by mechanical pressure on the perianal glands helps in their emptying.

Sodium montmorillonite contained in Periaxan dog is a substance of mineral origin, belonging to the group of smectites. It shows very strong absorption properties. Sodium montmorillonite binds water present in the digestive tract, which results in thickening of the faecal matter. In addition, sodium montmorillonite adsorbs toxins which can be found in the digestive tract, improving your dog’s comfort of life.


Problems with the dog’s defecation – causes

Unfortunately, abnormal functioning of the dog’s perianal glands is a recurring problem. Caregivers should remember to consult a veterinarian about problems with the perianal glands. The length of intervals between visits to a specialist is an individual trait and is affected by many factors. In extreme cases visits must be even weekly. It should be remembered that problems with physiological emptying of the perianal glands are often stressful and even painful for the dog. Caregivers also pay attention to the unpleasant smell accompanying the emptying. Abnormalities associated with perianal glands can occur at various levels and for various reasons. In addition to the anatomical abnormality of the perianal glands, a loose stool of a dog may be the cause of abnormal functioning of the perianal glands. Too loose stools limits physiological emptying of the previously mentioned glands.


How can you help your dog with diarrhoea?

If you want the process of emptying the perianal glands to take place in a physiological way, you should thicken your dog’s stool. The same action can be done for diarrhoea of your dog. It is worth consulting your veterinarian in this case. A solution may be formulations containing a substance with adsorbing and absorbing (hygroscopic) action. Such a substance is for example sodium montmorillonite. It condenses the stool and helps remove toxins from the dog’s body in case of poisoning. A complementary feed that contains sodium montmorillonite – selected for its action in the described indications – is Periaxan dog.


What should you do if your dog has diarrhoea?

Diarrhoea of dogs can take different courses. If it is an uncomplicated case, it usually does not last longer than three days. The dog will defecate frequently, it may be weak and have no appetite. In this situation, you can support your dog’s recovery by giving it Periaxan dog. Care should be taken to avoid dehydration. Your dog should be on a strict diet during this time.


If the diarrhoea is accompanied by fever above 40ºC or/and vomiting, you should immediately visit the veterinarian. In case of puppies with diarrhoea, a visit to the veterinarian should take place on the same day as the first symptoms appeared.


Other problems with your dog’s perianal glands – „butt-scoot”

Most caregivers have heard of what is known as ‘butt-scoot’ of dogs. What does it mean for a dog to ‘butt-scoot’? A dog strangely rubbing its posterior against the floor. The ‘butt-scooting’ phenomenon may occur at any time of the year. It is caused by abnormalities in the anal area – most often manifested by itching. This can be caused by an infestation, but also by problems with normal emptying of the dog’s perianal glands. The ‘butt-scooting’ phenomenon should always arouse your vigilance and you should take the dog to the veterinary surgeon. Your veterinarian may advise you to empty your dog’s perianal glands.

Recomended portion

Body weight dog < 15 kg 15 – 30 kg > 30 kg
Daily portion 1 sachet 2 sachets 3 sachets