Meet the brand VEBIOT®

The brand VEBIOT® which belongs to the Capital Group Olimp-Nutrifarm refers to high-quality veterinary products for pets. We make specialist dietary supplements and products supporting the health and development of four-legged companions of humans. For years we have gained confidence among their owners and breeders as well as veterinary doctors, providing products thanks to which they can take increasingly better care of their animals. We aim to set a new standard in this care and ensure professional support in the feeding and medical treatment of cats and dogs. The brand VEBIOT® has been created to improve the quality of life for animals and to raise the sense of security of people who care for them.

Capital Group Olimp-Nutrifarm

VEBIOT® is a project of the Capital Group Olimp-Nutrifarm, which boasts:

years of experience on the market
years in veterinary medicine
an average number of orders per day

Technology and research facilities

Intelligent Logistics Centre

The ‘intelligent’ storehouse of the Capital Group Olimp-Nutrifarm has a validated system of process automation technology and computerized systems in compliance with GAMP 5.0, which is of great importance for the distribution process of medicinal products.


Modern laboratories fitted with the newest top-quality equipment allow us to refine even the most sophisticated and innovative product concepts.

Scientific Staff

People with academic and practical background, often holding a PhD, who work out product concepts, coordinate research on them and their development.

The main tool used by the Capital Group to implement its quality policy is the Integrated System of Food Quality and Safety Management. It is based on the following systems: PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 and PN-EN ISO 22000: 2006 (including HACCP principles) and on the Good Manufacturing Practice. Our company as one of the first in Poland obtained a certificate of compliance with the requirements of PN-EN ISO 22000: 2006 on the designing, distributing and marketing of foodstuffs for particular nutritional uses and dietary supplements in the form of capsules, tablets, powder concentrates and drinks. The basic goal of this system is to make sure that in the food chain (beginning with the production of raw materials, through transportation, the making of the end-product to the consumer) no weak points occur, where any danger to the food safety may be brought about. Moreover, the Group also has a certificate for the management system in compliance with PN-EN ISO 13485:2016-04 “designing, producing and selling medical devices in the form of capsules, tablets, powder concentrates and liquids”.

The Intelligent Logistics Centre, that is the ‘intelligent’ storehouse of the Capital Group Olimp-Nutrifarm, has a validated system of process automation technology and computerized systems in compliance with GAMP 5.0, which is of great significance for the distribution process of medicinal products.

The validation of computerized measurement systems in accordance with GAMP 5.0 is carried out together with the implementation of the computerized measurement system in the pharmaceutical and medical industry, in wholesale and retail pharmacies. The purpose of validation is to prove and document the fact that the computerized system complies with the original assumptions, and also to demonstrate that the system is able to achieve desired results in the manner which is precise, unchangeable and repeatable. This is confirmed when validation tests yield positive results. The computerized measurement system used in distributing medicinal products must work flawlessly, hence it undergoes validation.

It is worth noting that pharmaceutical law requires separating a sector for medications in a storehouse. GAMP 5.0 used by the Capital Group Olimp-Nutrifarm makes it possible to stake it out in a virtual space, which has been impossible so far.

The Capital Group Olimp-Nutrifarm has prepared very strict criteria concerning quality that each company delivering raw materials has to meet. Remarkably, since the Capital Group pays so much attention to their quality, every single batch of raw materials in most cases is tested for the presence of heavy metals, microbiological purity, water content and active substance content. If a raw material is packed in several individual packages (even when they belong to the same batch), each package is tested. Also, each batch of the final product is tested in accordance with legal regulations.

Importantly, when selecting a distributor we pay attention to the standardisation of raw materials for a specific active substances content. If it is only possible and justified raw materials are expected to include the highest amount of particular substances.

Why do we standardise raw materials?

Standardisation guarantees maintaining the permanent content of active substances in a raw material. Such a standardised material contains an exact quantity of ingredients responsible for the health-promoting effect.

In the process of designing and implementation, it is necessary to cooperate with all the other departments –Quality Control, Analytical Development and Production.

One of the most important areas of activity of the Capital Group Olimp-Nutrifarm are state-of-the-art Laboratories of Quality Control (microbiological, analytical and physicochemical). These laboratories are fitted with the high-standard equipment such as a high-performance liquid chromatography unit, a gas chromatograph, an atomic absorption spectrometer, a thin-layer chromatography kit, a mercury analyser, and drug residue analysers.

Owing to our laboratories we are able to assess an active substances content, microbiological purity as well as physicochemical parameters in raw materials, intermediate goods and final products. The quality control is carried out at all manufacturing stages so as to make sure that the consumer receives a wholesome and efficient product.

The Intelligent Logistics Centre is a super-modern unit equipped with the newest high-class robots and systems. For instance, the fire control system relies on a lowered, strictly controlled oxygen content which precludes the possibility of starting a fire. The level of oxygen in the storehouse is so low that people cannot stay and work there – they are replaced by machines.