Slimming Light dog 30 sachets


A product for dogs, supporting proper nutrition, in particular for: overweight and obese animals, animals with a tendency to gain weight due to hormonal disorders (e.g. after sterilisation, castration), animals advised to lose weight for health indications.



Usage of Slimming-light dog

Slimming-light dog is a complementary feed for dogs which have problems with obesity and excess weight. The product contains ingredients which increase the sense of satiety while reducing appetite, reduce fat absorption, regulate fat metabolism and have a positive effect on intestinal peristalsis.


Composition of Slimming-light dog

Inulin, a long-molecular oligofructan, increases the sense of satiety and supports the dog’s body in limiting the amount of food it eats. Inulin helps to maintain a healthy intestinal flora by increasing the number of Lactobacilli and reducing the growth of Escherichia bacteria. Inulin, by stimulating the production of endogenous short-chain fatty acids, limits the absorption of fats and increases intestinal peristaltic efficiency.

Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) reduce appetite by regulating blood glucose levels and modulating levels of the hormone ghrelin and neuropeptide YY.

L-carnitine is an amino acid that is directly involved in fat metabolism and energy metabolism.

Chitosan forms insoluble complexes with fatty compounds limiting their absorption. In the small intestine, the complexes of chitosan and fatty compounds take on the structure of a gel and help maintain the dog’s sense of satiety.

By modulating the expression of genes (including PPAR-γ) involved in sugar and fat metabolism, vitamin A regulates leptin, a hormone involved in the energy metabolism of dogs.


Overweight dogs – how can you help?

Overweight dogs is an increasingly common problem. Its main causes include:

  • poor diet,
  • insufficient physical activity,
  • hormonal disorders,
  • old age,
  • other health disorders.

The key issue is to determine whether the dog is overweight or obese. Obesity is a disease that has different stages. Its beginnings can often be unnoticed by the owner. The most obvious symptom is an extensive fatty tissue and this usually prompts the owner to decide to put the dog on a diet.

An assessment of your dog’s normal body weight should be carried out in advance. It will tell you if your dog is overweight but not yet obese. The BCS (Body Condition Scoring) scale is used for this purpose. Fortunately, weighing your dog is a common practice in veterinary clinics. The results allow steps to be taken to counteract excess weight before it develops into obesity and causes other health problems.

An obese dog – what should you do?

Obesity among dogs can be the trigger of many other health problems. The most common ones include:

  • cardiovascular problems,
  • bone and joint problems,
  • respiratory problems,
  • diabetes and other metabolic disorders,
  • hormonal disorders.

In order to prevent obesity of your dog, you need to eliminate its causes. A change in diet and physical activity, combined with supplementation, might be an efficient solution.

It is also important to bear in mind that your dog may be obese for other reasons and you will need to consult your veterinatian.


Castrated / sterilised dogs – supplementation

One of the causes of the dog weight gain is hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalances can occur after castration or sterilisation. Difficulties in maintaining a normal body weight may then be observed. Such dogs should be put on a diet tailored to the changes. Support is also provided by appropriate supplementation. The ingredients in Slimming-light dog contribute to:

  • reducing appetite,
  • prolonging the sense of satiety,
  • fat metabolism,
  • reduction of food intake and consequently reduction of calories.

Recomended portion

Body weight dog < 10 kg 10 – 20 kg 21 – 30 kg > 30 kg
Daily portion 1 sachet 2 sachets 3 sachets 4 sachets