Osteovexan for dogs and cats – 60 tablets


Osteovexan is a complementary feed intended as a dietary supplement for adult dogs and cats, in particular pets with osteoarticular system dysfunctions. It is also intended for elderly and obese dogs and cats exposed to excessive strain on the joints, as well as breeds predisposed to osteoarticular abnormalities. Osteovexan is suitable for supplementing the diet of pets following injury or surgery on the musculoskeletal system, during convalescence and rehabilitation.

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Composition of Osteovexan

The ingredients in Osteovexan support the pet’s osteoarticular system and the regeneration and function of joint cartilage.

Type II native collagen is a compound that makes up to 96% of the total collagen in cartilage tissue. It shows anti-inflammatory properties.

Crystalline glucosamine, which is the ingredient of Osteovexan, is characterised by high bioavailability. Glucosamine is a building block of long-chain glycosaminoglycans, which are a structural component of the cartilage tissue matrix. This compound is responsible for inhibiting the expression of genes which are involved in the production of mediators of inflammatory processes. It also demonstrates antidegenerative effects within the joint.

Chondroitin sulphate is a structural component of cartilage tissue. It has a significant impact on the proper mobility of joints. This compound causes an increase in the density of the cartilage tissue, which is connected with reduction of the frictional forces on the joint surfaces.

Hyaluronic acid is an important component of the extracellular matrix of cartilage and synovial fluid. Its properties include reducing frictional forces and modulating the inflammatory response in joints.


How to protect your pet’s osteoarticular system?

The osteoarticular system of dogs or cats needs special care. An important part of prevention is diet, which should contain ingredients that have a positive effect on osteoarticular system. Your pet’s physical fitness is greatly affected by being overweight or obese. Increased body weight puts a strain on joints and can cause degeneration. Some breeds of dogs/cats are predisposed to problems with the musculoskeletal system. This often also applies to older pets. The substances contained in Osteovexan reduce the risk of osteoarticular diseases and also help to reverse some of the symptoms.


How can you recognise that your pet has joint problems?

Symptoms that may indicate that your pet may have joint problems include:

  • lack of interest in going for walks, especially longer ones, and other forms of physical activity,
  • avoiding intensive physical activity, jumping,
  • problems using the stairs,
  • prefere lying down, rather than standing or sitting,
  • difficulty getting up, numbness of limbs,
  • limping, excessive weight on one side of the body, uneven weight distribution on the paws – “saving” a particular paw (or paws),
  • stiffness of the body after prolonged lying down or after resting.


What can you use for joint problems of a cat/dog?

Diseases of the osteoarticular system can be painful for your pet and very often might be a source of discomfort. In such cases, you should visit a veterinarian, preferably an orthopaedist. The veterinarian will examine the patient, make a diagnosis and recommend treatment – remember to follow their recommendations. There are many therapeutic options to help your pet return to health. Support your dog/cat by giving it supplements that contain ingredients with proven efficacy.

The best supplement for your pet’s joints is one that contains the correct amounts of ingredients naturally found in the joints – you can find these in Osteovexan. These include: native type II collagen (type II collagen makes up to 96% of the collagen in cartilage tissue), glucosamine (preferably in crystalline form – high bioavailability), chondroitin sulphate and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients have a comprehensive effect: they will support the reconstruction of the affected joints and reduce joint pain through an anti-inflammatory action.

Recomended portion

Body weight cat / dog < 5 kg 5 – 10 kg 11 – 15 kg 16 – 20 kg 21 – 25 kg > 25 kg
Daily portion 0.5 tablet 1 tablet 1.5 tablets 2 tablets 2.5 tablets 3 tablets