Senseine 60 sachets


A product for dogs to support proper nutrition. Intended for working dogs whose daily activities require effort and commitment. Senseine supports their physical fitness and muscular system, improves perception. It is a very good support during training, when the dog’s concentration is extremely important.



Usage of Senseine

Senseine is a compound feed intended especially for:

  • tracking dogs, police dogs, guard dogs and dogs trained for other specialist tasks,
  • dogs requiring excellent efficiency of the sensory organs and increased alertness during responsible tasks in cooperation with uniformed and medical services,
  • dogs performing work requiring good condition and support of the muscular system,
  • guard, assistance and guide dogs,
  • show dogs,
  • herding dogs and farm dogs.


Composition of Senseine

Senseine contains substances which positively stimulate the central nervous system and support correct functioning of the muscular system and its regeneration.

Choline is a precursor of acetylcholine – a neurotransmitter responsible for stimulation of the adrenal cortex to the secretion of noradrenaline, adrenaline and dopamine. These compounds have a stimulating effect on the CNS (central nervous system), which results in the improvement of memory, concentration, reflexes, psychophysical efficiency, speed of learning and remembering, and improvement in the mood.

MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) are an alternative source of energy for the CNS. MCTs support the enhanced functioning of cognitive abilities, including smell recognition.

Salvia officinalis sage extract, through its influence on the nicotinic and muscarinic receptor system in the CNS, improves memory abilities. Sage extract improves concentration and parallelly is calming and improves mood. Moreover, this extract has antioxidant properties.

Extract from Korean Panax ginseng standardized to 7% content of ginsenosides – ginsenosides Rb1 and Rg1 contained in extract from Korean ginseng stimulate proliferation of neurons and formation of new nervous connections. Rg1 stimulates the differentiation of hippocampal stem cells, leading to a nootropic effect among dogs.

Beta-Hydroxy beta-methylbutyric acid (HMB) enhances muscle protein synthesis by reducing myocyte apoptosis and increasing the translation processes. As a result, the regeneration of muscle tissue fibres after micro-injuries caused by intensive manual is accelerated.

Creatine monohydrate – creatine has neuroprotective effects and takes part in energy metabolism in the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system. Creatine Monohydrate helps to reduce the symptoms of fatigue. Creatine also supports metabolism in the musculoskeletal system, reduces oxidative stress in the body and has an anti-apoptotic effect on myocytes.

How can you improve your dog’s physical condition?

A good diet and physical activity are the basis for maintaining your dog’s general health. Both should be tailored to your dog’s individual needs and be compatible with its daily routine. Increased activity, both mental and physical, should be supported by appropriate supplementation. Specialised products such as Senseine will be most effective.


Tracking dog – supplementation

It is very important for tracking dogs to have a properly functioning nervous system and to support the perceptive abilities. Senseine is a specialised supplement which contains ingredients that improve concentration, memory, psychophysical performance and reflexes. It also has a positive effect on sharpening the ability to recognise smells. It is also an indispensable support for the musculoskeletal system and the dog’s stamina during strenuous exercise.


What should a healthy dog look like?

A dog’s health is reflected in its external appearance. In simple terms, a healthy dog should have:

  • a smooth, glossy fur that does not shed excessively,
  • healthy teeth and gums; no bad breath,
  • shiny eyes without traces of pus,
  • regular bowel movements without signs of diarrhoea or constipation; no bloating,
  • willingness to move around, interact, play,
  • a natural appetite,
  • good posture, walking without signs of sluggishness (correct movement pattern).

Recomended portion

Body weight dog < 15 kg 15 – 30 kg > 30 kg
Daily portion 1 sachet 2 sachets 3 sachets