Immunoxan cat – 30 tablets


Immunoxan cat is a complementary feed for kittens and adult cats, especially for those requiring to support their immune system. It is a product which can be used during the vaccination period, during and after antibiotic treatment and in the case of recurring infections. Immunoxan cat can also be used as a complementary feed for cats during changes in the seasons and temperatures. Before the introduction of Immunoxan cat in your cat’s diet, we recommend consulting your veterinarian.



Composition of Immunoxan cat

Immunoxan cat ingredients provide an immunostimulating effect, activating the body to produce post-vaccination immunity more rapidly.

β 1/3-1/6 d-glucan is a natural stimulator of the cat’s immune system. Its use increases the level of IgG and IgA antibodies in the serum. It is a stimulator of post-vaccination immunity.

A 200-fold concentration of aloe vera juice is considered to be a biological activator of the immune system. This ingredient has an immunomodulating effect on the parameters of the humoral and cellular immune response.


Vaccinating your cat – why should you support nutrition during this period?

Your cat’s nutrition has a very large and direct impact on its overall health and condition. The provision of an optimised diet is important especially during the vaccination period. At this time special attention should be paid to two main goals: improvement of the cat’s general condition and supporting its immune system.

According to the recommendations, the cat should be in good health at the time of vaccination. In general, vaccination is the introduction into the cat’s body specific pathogens that are devoid of virulence. In this situation the cat’s immune system is challenged to produce the necessary amount of antibodies. Vaccination is therefore an additional stress on the cat’s organism. That is why it is worth preparing the cat for vaccination in advance. Before the vaccination, the veterinarian will examine the animal. The main contraindications for vaccination are: disease, weakness caused by disease, exhaustion, dehydration and malnutrition.


How can you boost your cat’s immunity?

Every day, your cat may be exposed to bacteria and viruses that cause many diseases. The moment when your cat’s immunity decreases is usually difficult to observe. The cat may manifest a number of non-specific symptoms, e.g. fever, sadness, lethargy, unwillingness to eat, etc. It is worth noting, that problems with appetite are not always synonymous with reduced immunity. This condition can be caused by a number of other conditions. If you observe alarming changes in the cat’s behaviour, we recommend consulting your veterinarian.

A proper diet, supplemented with specialised immunostimulants (such as Immunoxan cat), is the simplest way to support your cat’s natural immunity.


Recurrent infections – what should you do?

First of all, recurring cat infections should be consulted with DVM. If the specialist confirms the presence of a bacterial infection, it may be necessary to apply antibiotic treatment. This type of intervention, although fully justified, negatively influences the cat’s microbiome in the long run and weakens its immunological system. That’s why it’s important to properly support the cat’s organism during and after antibiotic treatment. Your vet may recommend Immunoxan cat, the ingredients of which support the correct immune response in cats.

Immunoprophylaxis in the form of vaccination is also very important. The ingredients contained in Immunoxan cat support the development of post-vaccination cats immunity.

The ingredients contained in Immunoxan cat stimulate the immune system of cats, which may result in a decreased number of infections. There is nothing more valuable than a healthy and happy kitty.

Recomended portion

Body weight dog < 5 kg 5 – 10 kg 11 – 15 kg
Daily portion 0.5 tablet 1 tablet 1.5 tablets